About Us

Specializing in computer training for mature students, Computer Tutoring Ottawa helps overcome learning by offering you practical, hands-on guidance to improve your computer understanding. Personalized computer lessons are taught in the comfort and privacy of your own home, or in workshops at a location near you in the National Capital region of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, as well as other cities in Ontario and Quebec by appointment. (English only.)

At Computer Tutoring Ottawa, we believe that learning is exciting and empowering, and that everyone has the right to be taught how to use a computer in the manner in which they learn best.

As we focus on computer training, our values include honesty, integrity, quality, friendliness, authenticity and the desire to make a difference.

Our Mission Statement is to identify and understand what people want and need to learn about computers and devote our computer tutoring services and development to the fulfillment of those needs.

Computer Tutoring Ottawa strives to create value and make a difference, and we believe that, by doing this, we help to improve the quality of life of the people we serve by enhancing their self-reliance and empowering them with new or advanced computer skills.

Perhaps you’re already an advanced computer user, with friends and family always asking for your help.  Why not do yourself a favour and call us at Computer Tutoring Ottawa.  We’ll take care of those computer training needs.

N.B. Bondable, with Government of Canada Secret Security Clearance and valid Police Check from Ottawa Police Services

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