Professional-level computer classes…

Trina Standford, Employment Trainer PQES“Kerri has amazing patience and knows how to work with clients from differing backgrounds and experience levels. Her enthusiasm is contagious and it excites the students and makes learning fun!

At the Pinecrest-Queensway Employment Services Centre, we have many clients who can’t even turn a computer on. During Kerri’s workshops, they begin at this stage, but by the end, they have a new-found confidence that comes from feeling proud that they can send an email, browse the web for information and actually type a letter or document they may need for their job search.

The benefits to our clients are many, the most prominent being access to professional-level computer classes taught by someone with a wealth of experience and knowledge teaching adults new technology. They learn in a non-judgmental environment, where they feel safe to learn and explore. Kerri does an amazing job and we’re happy to have her in our centre!”

~ Trina Stanford, Employment Trainer

Pinecrest-Queensway Employment Services